About Me

satjinder bath Avatar

A husband, father, and technologist. Outside work I like to spend time with family, explore new technologies, weekend cricket games for my son, and occasionally pen down my thoughts in Punjabi which some generous souls may regard as poetry.

I am a strong advocate of designing simple solutions for complex problems. To achieve that I rely on domain-driven design concepts. In 20 odd years of software design and development (engineer/architect), I have acquired a strong taste in event-driven architecture, which I have found to be helpful in keeping complexity at the bay. 

So that we don’t amount to iatrogenesis and cause a cure worse than the disease, we should pay special attention to the simplicity in the family of non-functional requirements of systems, though it is hard to measure. After all:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

With that in mind In my blogs, I will share the experiences from my journey of software design and development.

“A complex solution to a problem creates another problem”

― Me, I guess 😉

Please feel free to get in touch!

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